Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, grad school started this week...nasty. I have homework to do. Who gives homework in grad school? JK. I am trying to deal with it as best I can... (my husband just plays his air violin when I get to b_chin). I digress...

Tonight we went to the new Olive Garden that closed down, then got torn down, rebuilt yada yada yada... the place was not that great. I was thinking that we would see some new things on the menu. Nope. Infact, they still gave us the same dirty/greasy menus from the old building. Geeros. Anyhoo, the place was like Perkins inside. Light yellow curtains and white walls, terrible service.

I am totally PMSing.

I am trying to frantically get the St. E scrapbook done, as I have had the pile of pics on the table for months now and wouldn't cha know it, the phone rings... "we need it in 2 weeks". I want to say, "what do you mean? I can't have another 6 months to work on it?". How professional am i?

I always bite off more than I can chew.

Oh, and BTW I hit the 2000 mark on etsy. I am so excited that my little shop has done so well in 8 months. My sales really didn't start happening until last Dec, so i feel grateful and happy about it. Many thanks to the haters out there, believe me... there are some pretty bad haters. You can't have it all ladies... you know who you are.

I need to go and take a midol and then delete this post!



Have a great night all!

Don't forget to sign up for the drawing for the RAK! See the below post!

Oh, happy Labor Day everyone! I will be at the hospital doing something less fun, believe me on that.


Michelle said...

You are funny as ever...
Hope all is good...and school is going ok!
Miss chatting,
LOVE Michelle.

RagsNehali said...

Hey Kel,
Hope u're enjoying ur time at school :) Glad to hear 'bout Etsy milestone! Didn't see u at mbdt board few times that I visited..must be thought to catch u here :) I'm back in action with my listings & blog etc..
love ya, always :)