Monday, September 15, 2008


The winner of the giveaway is.....

maddymazestudio. Congrats!!!

My lily picked the name out of the hat tonight! Please send me an email to with your address and I will get it out to you!

Well on another note, i am currently laid up with my foot on ice with my ankle wrapped in saran wrap and a cold pack... nibbling on frosted mini wheats (low cal of course) trying to shove this organic/bio chem- cellular- garbage into my brain. My brain doesn't want it there, it is rebelling. I am having a hard time getting this info to stay put up there. I often want to hit delete. The plan is to learn this for the exam and then flush all the useless info down the crapper.

I am not one to take photos of my homework...but here is an example i pirated off the internet of some useless bio chem stuff that makes some sense to me now.

My ankle is so sore, my knees ache... these back to back marathons are killing me-literally. After the 19th of October, it is easy going until the Thanksgiving Day Race and then hiatus until Feb. No more pounding. I've got lots planned to do instead. My body will thank me. My brain won't, but my body will.

For all of you Paper Pixie Fanatics, more is coming, lots more. Fall and Christmas/Holiday items are on their way. Just as soon as I can expel-purge-vomit-delete-barf this test material out of my head, new items will show up. Lot of off etsy custom orders have me hoppin and I LOVE IT.

I hope all is well and get ready for another giveway... details to follow!

Have a great night.

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