Saturday, July 26, 2008

So pretty!!

OK Martha, you have inspired me!! I saw this darling picture and thought, " I could totally do that!!" Lord knows I have enough punches!

What inspires you???

I think when I do mine, I will use the colors... black, white and pink or aqua... for my scrap room of course!!!

Have a great night!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Stuff and Yes! I do scrap!!

It has been awhile since I sat down and scrapped a bit. Here is a little of what i came up with for a dear old friend (LOL, MBDT)!!! Still needs photos, but I will let her add them. I hate to part with this little darling... so alive this thing has become!

With gram's fun crocheted flowers and yep... hand crackled and painted fence, by yours truly. I dug out some Winnie's Walls, SEI papers for this one... I have been waiting to do this envelope album for a while.

Chuck full of etsy shop goodies, I don't know where to begin. These black vellum sticker frames came out STUNNING in person and are great for journaling right on the tag!!

I also loved how the scalloped round journaling spots matched perfectly to this paper. This line of tags is so versatile!!

I had to throw in the calendars too!

Here are just some other pics of the album!

See what I mean? I just want to put this baby on the mantle with my own photos in it!
Thanks for looking everyone, please have a happy and safe weekend!
:) Kelly

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Today

I sit here on my computer, out in my driveway watching the kids play... which means I am not inside doing what I need to...but that's ok. I just got home from the 11 mile run around town, in prep for the marathon in october, and I am pretty sore. I was sore before the run, from that nasty boot camp yesterday. So today, I will rest and not press myself. The weather is a balmy 80 degrees and breezy, so I am totally loving it. I designed a few cute new journaling spots as I sit here. Why can't I just sit here? Why do my hands and legs have to be productive all the time? Does anyone else have this problem?

I was planning to have a scrap weekend next week, but circumstances placed that to a halt. I was thinking... pizza, wine, friends, fun, scrappin', no kids or hubby around. But, now I will probably call my close girls and probably call Jana and see if she wants to meet us at Archiver's in Cinci on Friday for ScrapMania!! Scrapin' at Archiver's is a freakin' dream and I usually shop and socialize more than scrap.

I hope everyone else is having a great Sunday. I know I am.



Saturday, July 12, 2008

Under Construction!

So, the blog is under construction and in need of some updating. Bear with us as we make way for some positive changes around here!

I also have been spending some time on my MBDT {Memories By Design Team} Mini Album and trying to finish that- using some really cool Paper Pixie items from the shop!

There is lots of cleaning here at home and at work, as graduate school begins in the fall and I function best when I am totally organized.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Stay tuned for some really cool rewards, new shop items, another featured designer... and maybe some inspiration from me (if I can ever get my kids well enough so that I can scrap!)

:) Kelly