Monday, December 31, 2007



Thank God everyday for your family.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lots Going On!!

Elegant flourish note spots, Chris is in town, I get to run on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!

The gem colored fleurish note spots are for sale now in my etsy shop. You get 12 total in 4 colors: onyx, topaz, ruby and emerald. Just imagine writing in your own word or phrase with your signo or mini stickers. soooo fun. try it. I just listed a kit with these on ebay and it got a bid in 20 min.

Splurge on yourself.

Chris and Carie are in town and I already miss them. I don't want them to leave. We are going to see "I Am Legend" tonight and I am excited, since I haven't been to a real movie in while. Gimme some popcorn and a diet coke and I am a happy girl. Oh and free babysitting by Gram and Lisa. What more could a girl ask for?

Last but not least, the girls are well enough to run. I am so stoked and am eager to burn this month of fat off. I think I did better than I thought I would, since Dr. Loftus was sure she was going to have to prescribe prozac for me, since I couldn't exercise. Let the pounding begin.

Head to my etsy store and ebay for some really fun stuff to happen real soon.

Friday, December 28, 2007

More Custom Tags!

Asked to design something formal and elegant... I came up with these. Thanks PSP 8. These are 2.5 x 2.5 inches and are smooth as silk. Yummy and uber fab on just about anything. Next time I list some on etsy, I will make them deep olive or sage. How cool would those be? I am thinking victorian with a vintage flair.

I think I will make some for myself.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas this year was pretty good. I had to work on Christmas Eve, which was actually not too bad considering there were some very sick people in house. After work, I was off to Gram's for the traditional gathering with family. They held the gift exchange for me until I arrived which was quite late. My kids were very eager to open their presents, and all i wanted to do was drink a glass of wine and put my feet up. I stole the sandwich maker from my mom, poor sarah got a bag of fattening candy, and my mom went home with the same gift she brought. At least our white elephant exchange didn't consist of dirty socks or a used, broken remote control. LMBAO.

We got home around 12:00 am and put the kids to bed, all the while promising them that santa was not stopping at our house until the lights were out. This got them to bed pretty quick.
Most of the kids in the neighborhood were up at the crack of dawn, but not our kids. At about 9:30 i got up and woke them up. What the??? Did they forget??? Geez.
I shook them awake and was like "santa came dudes!" "get up!!"

That should go down in quiness.

Here are some picks of Lily decorating her own tree and Lukey with MY favorite gift he got, a Spiderman napsack for daycare.

Oh, and that is me on the far left, do I have an adam's apple?? Almost, but I do now have boobies.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


So, I was browsing on etsy, again, and I came across the true meaning of what "handmade" means. I just love this http://http// handbag made of purely recycled materials. Makes me feel all GREEN with envy. Get it??? Green?? Go get one, at the link above.

Anyway, here is also a look at my new line of tags and clear embellishments, I shall endearingly call the "Fabulous" line.

Have a great day.

Oh, BTW, my meat loaf tonight was freakin fab.


Monday, December 17, 2007

OOAK Original!

So, i decided to use up some scraps and design these gift card, money holders and they just turned out darling. They are 6 x 6 inches and hold a gift card perfectly. I came up with the idea this fall when my Aunt graduated from college and had a gift card but no "card" and was rushed for time. I am NOT a card maker and began to panic. I did have these wonderful fall colored
papers and threw a little folder together and stamped on the front with flourishes, bling and stickles and it came out darling. I decided to "go" with the idea and create some just for my etsy friends at a great price.

Just imagine what people will say about your clever gift? Simply say what you want on the front, just like you would in a greeting card. So sentimental and thoughtful!

Each one comes individually wrapped in cello wrap all professional like.

Click the link to the right to go straight to etsy!

The girls are doing just fine... incase anyone wanted to know!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Down Time... Dr's Orders

So, I am resting my weary bones this month. Yes, all month long. After the long year I have had of pavement pounding, I truly need a break. Although the down time is killing me mentally, I know I will be better off in the long run. Besides, it's Dr's orders that I not get my heart rate up. I am enjoying lots of family time, cookies, ebay and etsy, organizing, shopping and not working (for the past 2 weeks anyway). I am back to the grind on Friday this week, gotta pay for Christmas.

Steve is in town and the kids just love it... rolling on the floor and playing rough and tumble games. Believe it or not, I just got off the floor from playing Thomas the Train with Lukey and Lily. Trains are kind of cool. Especially the little one that operates on a battery and makes Lukey smile. He actually bent down to kiss the train. Where is the darn camera when you need it?

We had Lukey's birthday party last night, friends and family all around to wish him a happy 3rd. Lily was very anxious to do the wishes with the balloons at the end of the night. That child doesn't miss a beat. 3 wishes for Lukey. I love that tradition.

We were so busy with the party, the family forgot to do the "helium" carols like we always do. We're slippin'. Just picture me... sucking helium and singing my absolute favorite "on top of sphaghetti". It really is a trip.

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

P.S. The photo above is the last race of the year. We all had a blast runnin it. The Cheetah stirkes again. LOL