Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas this year was pretty good. I had to work on Christmas Eve, which was actually not too bad considering there were some very sick people in house. After work, I was off to Gram's for the traditional gathering with family. They held the gift exchange for me until I arrived which was quite late. My kids were very eager to open their presents, and all i wanted to do was drink a glass of wine and put my feet up. I stole the sandwich maker from my mom, poor sarah got a bag of fattening candy, and my mom went home with the same gift she brought. At least our white elephant exchange didn't consist of dirty socks or a used, broken remote control. LMBAO.

We got home around 12:00 am and put the kids to bed, all the while promising them that santa was not stopping at our house until the lights were out. This got them to bed pretty quick.
Most of the kids in the neighborhood were up at the crack of dawn, but not our kids. At about 9:30 i got up and woke them up. What the??? Did they forget??? Geez.
I shook them awake and was like "santa came dudes!" "get up!!"

That should go down in quiness.

Here are some picks of Lily decorating her own tree and Lukey with MY favorite gift he got, a Spiderman napsack for daycare.

Oh, and that is me on the far left, do I have an adam's apple?? Almost, but I do now have boobies.

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