Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'll have 1 hard body to go please, oh and a diet coke.

Last weekend was lots of fun, ya know... catching up on shop stuff, attending the Beverly Body Building and Figure Competition, running 20 miles, hosting Easter dinner, agonizing over my aching tooth...

We had lotsa fun watching Sarah compete in the women's figure division and meeting her new boyfriend, Brandt. I know, she is ORANGE, but the blanching lights force one to look like "soul man" just to not look like a ghost. One order of spray tan coming right up. I'll bet she has it all washed off by now!

I am off to take advil for my tooth and beat my head against the wall a few times. God is punishing me for some odd reason.

Here is some shop goodies I came up with. As I scrapped, I realized what fun these would be in different colors and fonts. Check them out at my etsy store at the link to the right.
Nite all!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flower Power

The kids were so eager to help me with the new scrap room, but there was nothing, in my mind they could do... I dug deep.... My inner voice said, "Give up that analness and let the kids HELP you. Give them something to dooooo."

So, there was the HUGE pile of flowers that totally needed to be sorted. I mean sorted BAD. So that is what I did. I had purchased these cheapo dollar tree bins and just had them rip 'em off the stem and put them away. It helped Lily feel like she was helping me, and Lukey learned his colors. Ok, not so bad.

On another note, I am trying to go a little greener lately... I returned all of my plastic bags to the store and bought a ton of the canvas bags for the groceries. (They were only .99c) I am trying to reuse and recycle shipping supplies... recycling my cans and other items.... I am working on it.

Al Gore save us.

Thanks for all the continued support in the shop! I love you all dearly, those wonderful customers who keep me going! And the scrap industry! THANK YOU...

Have a good night.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

What a Weekend...

So, Friday, Lukey found himself in the ER with an asthma attack to beat the band. I have always been able to doctor him at home, but this time was different. He started with a runny nose and by the next day, he was wheezing. No big deal, he has done this since he was 4 weeks old. The doctors and myself thought he was outgrowing it, since he hasn't had a nebulizer treatment in 15 months. We went a solid year without any sickness and BAM, ER city.

He was breathing 60 times a minute and using accessory muscles to breathe. Naturally the neb wasn't working to rescue him and my nursing skills were waring thin. So I brought him to my ER and let my good friends work on him and he was springing out the door. I am soooo surprised that this is our first ER visit with him in his 3 little years of life.

The next day he was feeling better... so we celebrated with wings and wine from Hoggy's. The above pic is us playing Charley's Angels... that is me on the far left. I seriously need a haircut. No time in the schedule for it though.

We taught sunday school today and ran our 17 miler long run... boy am i tired. I am off to bed, but just wanted to share the newest item in the shop.

Color Me Happy, let your kid color these tags and put them on your pages!! All are acid/lignin free and you get 12 images in all. Use your chalks, ink, paints, watercolor pencils to make these things just totally rock. Your kids can sit and color them, while you work on the rest of the page. Click the etsy shop link to the right to go there and purchase!!

Have a good night, I am off to log my miles. 100... can you believe it? In this weather? Yuck!