Sunday, November 30, 2008

Go figure...

Turkey Day at our house was great! Brent and I ran the race and made it home in time to put the bird in the oven. We had lots of family over for the holiday and had fun, but next time, next time... it is someone else's turn. Don't get me wrong, I like doing the cooking and hosting the event, but sometimes I want to relax and play Trivial Pursuit too, LOL. B and I ran the race and when we went to check the results... I was struck by the what was on the homepage of the race.


Yep, last year's photo of me. 15,000 + runners in the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race and they pick my photo. At first I thought it was computer specific and plugged my photo in there as I logged on.


Nope, there I am in the full hideous glory, smiling like a dork for all to see.

See, people always made fun of me that I am a "cheese ball" at the races. When I spot a photographer I always wave and smile. There is nothing worse than looking like you are dying when you are running a race. Even if you are relaxing and just breathing, you still look pained. Heck, I am having fun right? Now it has come back to haunt me.

Why didn't they pick one of those cutsey little girls dressed up as Indians, with their cutsey pie feathers in their hair, all of them running thier little foursome? Why not the man pushing his face painted twins in the freezing temps and cheiftan hat on?

Why me?

Ok Ok Ok... here is the link if you must go and see....

My time was pretty good and so was Brent's this year, better than last year as I am pretty surprised. I have been plagued with injuries after the last 2 marathons that I didn't think I was going to run it. Thank God for Advil Liquigels... a runner's dream. I finished about 22nd out of 800 ish runners in my category. This year, however good the time was, I didn't smile at one single photographer. I was pretty deep in concentration and will probably regret any future photos this year....

I plan to take 2 solid months off of running to heal and gear up for the next marathon. I hope I can last 2 months... "yeah right", as I tell my physical therapist. She just shakes her head.

On another note, don't forget the December Giveaway in the shop is tomorrow, so get your comments in asap.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Listen up ya'll. Here is the final give~a~ way of the year! Get ready for some Holiday cheer with these Kraft Tags and Color Me Holiday Tags from the shop. Love these Kraft Tags for that country gift wrap. Start bustin the dust off the watercolor pencils and blendy pens for sure with those Color Me Tags. Your kids are going to love coloring those as you and hubby wrap gifts this season. It'll give them something to do. One lucky winner will get these goodies in the mail the first week of December. The random drawing will take place on December 1st to of all those who comment on the blog from now until then!

Tell us at The Paper Pixie the silliest/dumbest gift you have ever received. This could be a sad regift, something totally used and sent as "new", something frightfully off the wall or moldy... Anything. Lily will pick the winner Dec 1st and the winner announced that day.

Don't forget, if you have Paper Pixie goodness, toot here for this is the place to be seen and heard. Also, EVERYONE is welcome to join and upload layouts and photos using Paper Pixie embellishments to the Flikr group so head over and take part!

Thanks to Lisa for informing me of yet another Paper Pixie Toot Toot this one in Cards Magazine this month! Whoot!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

~~~Clay Nest Pottery~~~

Ok, so we had 45 minutes left before the Ryle Craft Fair was about to end... we thought we would get Lukey out of the house for a smidge after his surgery, as he was getting stir crazy. Anyhoo, I ran into this lovely little booth with this amazingly earthy and fun pottery called "Clay Nest Pottery". Now we all know how hot earthy pottery is, especially if it has those fun little nests and eggs with that "Peter Rabbit" feel. I purchased the most lovely, one of a kind cream colored bowl with a clay branch going right throught. Something right out of Winnie the Pooh, totally. I can't wait to serve some Peanut Butter Brickle in it for dessert.

I told her, that her items would be perfect for etsy... as they are hand crafted, unique and well priced. Come to find out she is an etsyian too!!

Here are some photos of the lovelies in her etsy shop. Go and visit now, and get a one of a kind piece for yourself or your loved one for the holiday! I totally treated myself and am so happy I did! Good luck with your store Maggie!!

Hope all is well, stay tuned for a give a way post tomorrow!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New and Fresh are here!!

Man, it has been a while since new items were added to the shop! After many requests to get off my duff and get some new tags and journaling spots up and running... here they are! There are lots more to come, but here is the first installation of newest items. The barcode tags are rockin' and fun! Let's plan for another giveaway soon shall we? Maybe some of these guys will be included...

Lots going on here on the home front lately. Lukey is gearing up for his tonsillectomy on the 21st, this FRIDAY. I am nervous and put him on the prayer chain at church. Lily is in her second swing of cheerleading, this time it is basketball. The coach is a total nutcase. Seriously.

I am trying to get my hands on a Wii, but why I waited this long to get one instead of buying one earlier this year is a mystery to me dude... well no mystery... i am a busy lady.

School is going well and feel more plugged in than ever into my studies and work on the unit. Just trying to piece it all together and soak it all in. The semester ends this time next month, so I am totally stoked about scraping for the kids, baking, shopping, nesting for the whole month I am off of grad school. I have also decided to take a small break from teaching to focus on some other areas that need my attention, mostly family oriented stuff. I am still planning to run the Thanksgiving Day Race, although injured, it is a tradition. Brent is begging off... he's out, WIMP. Thank God Sarah will run with me!

Here are some shots of the kids and I at Kinman Farms a couple of weeks ago. Lily is cute as ever and Lukey... well... he thinks he is the Incredible Hulk and this is his standard smile for photos lately. Drives me insane. He even growls when he does it. I shake my head and smack my husband for letting him watch that DVD.

I hope everyone is having a good Fall and we at The Paper Pixie wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kaysibley you are the WINNER!!!

Contact me girlfriend at to claim your tags!!!