Sunday, November 16, 2008

New and Fresh are here!!

Man, it has been a while since new items were added to the shop! After many requests to get off my duff and get some new tags and journaling spots up and running... here they are! There are lots more to come, but here is the first installation of newest items. The barcode tags are rockin' and fun! Let's plan for another giveaway soon shall we? Maybe some of these guys will be included...

Lots going on here on the home front lately. Lukey is gearing up for his tonsillectomy on the 21st, this FRIDAY. I am nervous and put him on the prayer chain at church. Lily is in her second swing of cheerleading, this time it is basketball. The coach is a total nutcase. Seriously.

I am trying to get my hands on a Wii, but why I waited this long to get one instead of buying one earlier this year is a mystery to me dude... well no mystery... i am a busy lady.

School is going well and feel more plugged in than ever into my studies and work on the unit. Just trying to piece it all together and soak it all in. The semester ends this time next month, so I am totally stoked about scraping for the kids, baking, shopping, nesting for the whole month I am off of grad school. I have also decided to take a small break from teaching to focus on some other areas that need my attention, mostly family oriented stuff. I am still planning to run the Thanksgiving Day Race, although injured, it is a tradition. Brent is begging off... he's out, WIMP. Thank God Sarah will run with me!

Here are some shots of the kids and I at Kinman Farms a couple of weeks ago. Lily is cute as ever and Lukey... well... he thinks he is the Incredible Hulk and this is his standard smile for photos lately. Drives me insane. He even growls when he does it. I shake my head and smack my husband for letting him watch that DVD.

I hope everyone is having a good Fall and we at The Paper Pixie wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.


jen said...

my best advice for getting a wii is to sign up for text alerts at amazon. when they get stock in, you get a text and if you can get to a computer somewhat soon, you'll get one! good luck :)

Kelly said...

Thanks Jen!!