Sunday, November 30, 2008

Go figure...

Turkey Day at our house was great! Brent and I ran the race and made it home in time to put the bird in the oven. We had lots of family over for the holiday and had fun, but next time, next time... it is someone else's turn. Don't get me wrong, I like doing the cooking and hosting the event, but sometimes I want to relax and play Trivial Pursuit too, LOL. B and I ran the race and when we went to check the results... I was struck by the what was on the homepage of the race.


Yep, last year's photo of me. 15,000 + runners in the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race and they pick my photo. At first I thought it was computer specific and plugged my photo in there as I logged on.


Nope, there I am in the full hideous glory, smiling like a dork for all to see.

See, people always made fun of me that I am a "cheese ball" at the races. When I spot a photographer I always wave and smile. There is nothing worse than looking like you are dying when you are running a race. Even if you are relaxing and just breathing, you still look pained. Heck, I am having fun right? Now it has come back to haunt me.

Why didn't they pick one of those cutsey little girls dressed up as Indians, with their cutsey pie feathers in their hair, all of them running thier little foursome? Why not the man pushing his face painted twins in the freezing temps and cheiftan hat on?

Why me?

Ok Ok Ok... here is the link if you must go and see....

My time was pretty good and so was Brent's this year, better than last year as I am pretty surprised. I have been plagued with injuries after the last 2 marathons that I didn't think I was going to run it. Thank God for Advil Liquigels... a runner's dream. I finished about 22nd out of 800 ish runners in my category. This year, however good the time was, I didn't smile at one single photographer. I was pretty deep in concentration and will probably regret any future photos this year....

I plan to take 2 solid months off of running to heal and gear up for the next marathon. I hope I can last 2 months... "yeah right", as I tell my physical therapist. She just shakes her head.

On another note, don't forget the December Giveaway in the shop is tomorrow, so get your comments in asap.


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