Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Final Week...

Well as the training for the marathon comes to a close, our group prepares to hon in on the best eating habits this week. Lots of water and protein, minimal running, prayer, cross training, charging ipods and downloading power tunes, buying goo and avoiding injury. We have a babysitter to watch the kids while we run, which is HUGE... as our ENTIRE family unit other than ourselves will be out of town for my cousin's graduation at UK. I hate that we can't go, but the race is paid for and trained for and we gotta run it. Hopefully if all goes well and we stay free of injury we will run the Columbus Marathon in the fall and bed down for the winer.

I also did a VERY BAD THING yesterday and planted flowers in the yard. That is sure to bring on a frost... As I watched the news tonight, sure enough, in the 30's again. I jinxed the whole tristate by planting petunias. For those of you who don't know this, it is bad to plant flowers before Mother's Day. But, they looked so lovely and fresh, green and bright, I just had to. Now, I have to cover them up. Having lived in Florida almost my entire life, there were no superstitions or quams about planting all year round. I lost my head. What can I say?

One shop update... I have some guest designers in the works, so stay tuned for some real life pages with goodies from the shop!

Have a great week!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Design Team!

The Paper Pixie is looking for a creative team. It is all embryonic, but the plan is to have a couple of gals to use my products and get their pages featured here on the blog and flikr. With products now all over the world, :) I am happy to say, the WE are global! This is so exciting and inspiring! I never thought in a million years that I would love something so much as to have my own line of paper products that can make a scrapper PRODUCTIVE! Not just scrappers, but project and cardmakers, anyone who needs paper can come and shop! There is so much versatility in the items, that the possibilities are endless!

Oh, my Michael's Craft Store is having a HUGE sale this weekend with EVERYTHING EVEN SALE ITEMS, you get 25% off your entire order! Yep, ROCK ON!!

Oh, and Steph Modo has featured me again on her lovely blog and I am giving away some Paper Pixie goodies! How exciting and fun to share these. Check out her chic blog to the right------>

As I am completely drained from the near hospitalization (dental work gone horribly bad), I am back on my feet and back to running. I had to take about 4 days off and am like jello again... but I won't let it get me down. The marathon is in 2 weeks, and I am ready, I hope.

If you are interested in being a guest designer for The Paper Pixie, you can contact me if you like and I would love to talk to you!

Here is a card of my dear frequent etsy patron, Jana Millen! Thanks Jana for sharing your cards with me!! The layout is from Susan! Thank you too!!

♥ Kelly

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In With The New!

As I get in the spring cleaning mode here at the house, I feel I should spring clean the shop too! I have taken some items and discounted them in the shop and placed them in the "sale items" bin, so come and have a look!

Here are some new shop items that are FUN, FRESH & UNIQUE.
Click my etsy shop link to the right to have a closer look!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

♥ Kelly

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We Played

Today was a beautiful day here! We needed the sunshine and Vitamin D! Ava came over to play with Lukey and they just had a ball. We played with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, made pampered chef PBJ's and rode bikes. God is good.

I also was able to get out my camera and take some shots of the boy and my newest little tags that I love dearly that no one has bought yet. Maybe I should add some string and showcase them as gift tags. I plan to print some for myself and add them to all my summer adult gifts, with To: and From: on the back. I also wanted to see how my calendar tags looked amongst the flowers on camera. I really am impressed how my Easter flowers are still makin' it! They are just as pretty now as the day I bought them.

I am looking to make a new form of calendar tag... maybe a smooth edge and different style. Any suggestions? Some of my best sellers are people who convo me with their ideas.

Have a great spring day and remember to take a picture this week. I did!

:) Kelly

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Cheetah was dethroned...

This is how it went down.

The real story.

All I wanted to do was beat my time for last year. That's all.

We lined up, Brent, Jake and Myself... the gun went off and so did we. I started at my usual pace, a nice little clip. I couldn't feel my husband or Jake near me. They are behind me... I shall keep it that way.

Mile 2, doin' good. Then I feel it. The right foot. Shoestring. Gives. Out.


God is punishing me for some reason... yet again. So I stopped and retied the previously double tied shoelace. How does that happen? Really?

Brent surges forward and leaves me in the dust. I just can't catch up. I just couldn't.

He beats me.

I beat my last year's time.

The Cheetah has been dethroned. I ran terrible. It was rainy, bum dinger. (besides, i didn't name myself that, it is a total inside joke.)

Every now and then during the race, cutesy little boppers tried to pass me. But.... I wasn't so bad off that I was gonna let those 3 little gazelles prance past me. NO WAY. So as they decided, one by one to pass me... they got plucked off the map. Except for that 3rd one, she hung on until mile 9. Then I was able to lose her. True story.

So, we got back to the car and to celebrate Brent's victory over the group we went to Rally's and gorged on cheap burgers, coated fries and diet cokes. Yummy, really it was.

I did place 16th in my division, which for an old lady isn't so bad.

Where's the Ben Gay?
(the songs on the playlist this week are what fueled me during the race. Yes.. Michael Jackson and NKOTB). LOL