Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I am totally lovin’

Yep, it has totally been a while since I blogged! I have been a busy bee with summer starting and the kids being out of school. Lots of pool time, smores, grillin' out, friends and other stuff! I just wanted to share them and hope you would share some of your favs also!

  1. $1 diet cokes from McDonalds. Yep on sale until Labor Day!!! I love it when they do that!
  2. Dane Cook on Sundays on Comedy Central. Any form of him on the weekend just makes me smile!
  3. Weekend smores. 'Nough said.
  4. Don't laugh… triathlon training. The race is slated for Aug. 2nd, so wish me luck. I love having athletic goals.
  5. My online grad class. ROCKS!!!
  6. My cozy front porch nook. I have a super soft chair, a citronella candle and am surrounded by flowers.
  7. The Bachelorette. I am watching it right now.
  8. True Blood, the first series on DVD. Thank You Movie Gallery. Don't think me weird. Thanks Shana!
  9. Old Navy Flip Flops in every color of the rainbow. I picked them up for a $1 a piece a couple of weeks ago. They hold up super nice too.
  10. ANYTHING by JR Ward. She is now my all time fav author. Right now I am totally lovin' the "Insider's Guide".