Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break is officially over...

Yep, this week totally flew by. My spring break is officially over in the morning, but tonight, ah... tonight I am relishing in a little snacky, diet coke from Mickey D.'s and a little "Wedding Crashers" just before I hit the sack. What a feel good movie. Pretty bad when I can lip sync the entire movie.

Anyhoo, I am still trying to keep up this marathon training amidst full time school, work and etsy... oh and yeah.... A FAMILY. Why must I thrive on chaos? I think most of us, just only dream of stopping and smelling the roses and a few of us ever really do.

Speaking of etsy, here are a few more little goodies I added that are super cute. I can't wait to use them on my own pages. Yeah, yeah, yeah... i keep saying that... "my own pages". Since I last blogged, I was scheduled to go on my yearly retreat to scrap. I was totally organized and ready to go... more organized than ever. Then, BAM. I woke up totally sick. I literally had to call my neighbor to come over and take Lukey to preschool and then take me to see the Nurse Practitioner down the street. I had strep and bilateral ear infections. What? I was soooo sick i had to miss the retreat. But, I totally didn't care, as I was so ill, I was in bed for 4 solid days. It took me down.

I am all better now.

Here are the photos of the goodies in the shop. All colors coordinate perfectly with each other if they say "roygbiv" "earthy" "funky" "primary" etc.
These Happy Words would be totally cute, mounted on pieces of chipboard, adhered to your pages or projects with 3D dimensional adhesive. That is what I plan to do with them. Maybe even make them shiney with mod podge or crystal effects glaze. Hmmmm....

These little gems are the spirographs I have had in the shop, but I made a boo boo in printing them and made them mini as well. They turned out super cute, and thought they complemented the originals perfectly. Check out this listing, as it gives a cute example from Kristina on how to use them.