Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP)

As the task force unfolds, I realize now that I have to do a presentation on this lovely problem. I am nervous and less comfortable talking to people in large groups. So, I especially need your prayers on May 9th, when I speak at the hospital's "Research and Evidence Based Practice" Day.

Since I am the one who seems to take VAP very seriously and now the hospital seems to care, I am thrust into the arena of defending this problem and what we in the Medical Intensive Care Unit intend to do about it.

So busy I am with studying for the Critical Care Registered Nurse Certification and preparing for family vacations, and not to mention my second job at instructor at the University, my plate is full. What is one more thing?

Just in case anyone was wondering... VAP is a pneumonia a patient acquires whilest they are on the ventilator. Average cost of each incidence is $150K not to mention loss of precious human life.

Gosh, I just love my job. I really do.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I almost forgot!!

My new Etsy Shop is....

Kelly Designs 4 U! Duh... Home of all things artsy/fartsy/paper/fabric.

I am just using up scraps y'all!

Check it out!

My New Etsy Shop!

So... I have gone and decided to get an etsy shop. What a fabulous way for artists to create and sell freely.


The gorgeous nest rings above are from Etsy seller I am almost tempted to buy one. I am truly thrilled with everything there. I am on the hunt for an i pod case/cozy for my shuffle. Those long runs are sooo much better when you can listen to good tunes. When I am done running I want to put it to bed, safe and sound for the next day.

I am weird.

This is what is coming... 'cept mine is diet coke. Yum yum.

Check out to get one of your own! Thanks Nicole.

Have a blessed day!