Monday, November 19, 2007

Has it been another year already?

Where did the time go? In a few weeks you turn 3, and it seems like yesterday we were celebrating #2. You have grown up so much this past year, that it brings tears to my eyes. You are proving to be a smart little boy, with a HUGE heart and STRONG head, LOL.

As we painted your room and broke down your crib, I got a little teary about it. I took down your little baby letters that spelled your name, "Luke" and hung spiderman posters all over your walls just like you wanted. Thank you to daddy for stringing up 300 inches of spiderman accent lights too! Tucking you in at night is super special as I see you snuggle deep down in the covers with a smile on your face.

Here is a layout I scrappeed recently on my getaway, it was Bday #2. I hope it doesn't take me a year to scrap #3!

MushroomLand Treasures!