Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Cheetah was dethroned...

This is how it went down.

The real story.

All I wanted to do was beat my time for last year. That's all.

We lined up, Brent, Jake and Myself... the gun went off and so did we. I started at my usual pace, a nice little clip. I couldn't feel my husband or Jake near me. They are behind me... I shall keep it that way.

Mile 2, doin' good. Then I feel it. The right foot. Shoestring. Gives. Out.


God is punishing me for some reason... yet again. So I stopped and retied the previously double tied shoelace. How does that happen? Really?

Brent surges forward and leaves me in the dust. I just can't catch up. I just couldn't.

He beats me.

I beat my last year's time.

The Cheetah has been dethroned. I ran terrible. It was rainy, bum dinger. (besides, i didn't name myself that, it is a total inside joke.)

Every now and then during the race, cutesy little boppers tried to pass me. But.... I wasn't so bad off that I was gonna let those 3 little gazelles prance past me. NO WAY. So as they decided, one by one to pass me... they got plucked off the map. Except for that 3rd one, she hung on until mile 9. Then I was able to lose her. True story.

So, we got back to the car and to celebrate Brent's victory over the group we went to Rally's and gorged on cheap burgers, coated fries and diet cokes. Yummy, really it was.

I did place 16th in my division, which for an old lady isn't so bad.

Where's the Ben Gay?
(the songs on the playlist this week are what fueled me during the race. Yes.. Michael Jackson and NKOTB). LOL

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