Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'll have 1 hard body to go please, oh and a diet coke.

Last weekend was lots of fun, ya know... catching up on shop stuff, attending the Beverly Body Building and Figure Competition, running 20 miles, hosting Easter dinner, agonizing over my aching tooth...

We had lotsa fun watching Sarah compete in the women's figure division and meeting her new boyfriend, Brandt. I know, she is ORANGE, but the blanching lights force one to look like "soul man" just to not look like a ghost. One order of spray tan coming right up. I'll bet she has it all washed off by now!

I am off to take advil for my tooth and beat my head against the wall a few times. God is punishing me for some odd reason.

Here is some shop goodies I came up with. As I scrapped, I realized what fun these would be in different colors and fonts. Check them out at my etsy store at the link to the right.
Nite all!

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