Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flower Power

The kids were so eager to help me with the new scrap room, but there was nothing, in my mind they could do... I dug deep.... My inner voice said, "Give up that analness and let the kids HELP you. Give them something to dooooo."

So, there was the HUGE pile of flowers that totally needed to be sorted. I mean sorted BAD. So that is what I did. I had purchased these cheapo dollar tree bins and just had them rip 'em off the stem and put them away. It helped Lily feel like she was helping me, and Lukey learned his colors. Ok, not so bad.

On another note, I am trying to go a little greener lately... I returned all of my plastic bags to the store and bought a ton of the canvas bags for the groceries. (They were only .99c) I am trying to reuse and recycle shipping supplies... recycling my cans and other items.... I am working on it.

Al Gore save us.

Thanks for all the continued support in the shop! I love you all dearly, those wonderful customers who keep me going! And the scrap industry! THANK YOU...

Have a good night.


Michelle said...

Hey girl...
Thought i would check in on you!
CUTE pics of lily!! You MUST check out my blog...i have 3D U/S pics up!!! ;)

Glad business is going so well for you...
I hope you are well.
LOVE Michelle.

Joy said...

Hi kelly,
I came here from your etsy shop. I am going to have some tags for my shop. At the mo I use my business cards but they are way too pink for some items. Hoping you can come up with something for everthing. Have a peek in my shop to give you ideas. I am after the 24 tag 24 sticker combo.
Your blog is fab, I am going to link it from mine. Warmest wishes Joy