Saturday, December 15, 2007

Down Time... Dr's Orders

So, I am resting my weary bones this month. Yes, all month long. After the long year I have had of pavement pounding, I truly need a break. Although the down time is killing me mentally, I know I will be better off in the long run. Besides, it's Dr's orders that I not get my heart rate up. I am enjoying lots of family time, cookies, ebay and etsy, organizing, shopping and not working (for the past 2 weeks anyway). I am back to the grind on Friday this week, gotta pay for Christmas.

Steve is in town and the kids just love it... rolling on the floor and playing rough and tumble games. Believe it or not, I just got off the floor from playing Thomas the Train with Lukey and Lily. Trains are kind of cool. Especially the little one that operates on a battery and makes Lukey smile. He actually bent down to kiss the train. Where is the darn camera when you need it?

We had Lukey's birthday party last night, friends and family all around to wish him a happy 3rd. Lily was very anxious to do the wishes with the balloons at the end of the night. That child doesn't miss a beat. 3 wishes for Lukey. I love that tradition.

We were so busy with the party, the family forgot to do the "helium" carols like we always do. We're slippin'. Just picture me... sucking helium and singing my absolute favorite "on top of sphaghetti". It really is a trip.

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

P.S. The photo above is the last race of the year. We all had a blast runnin it. The Cheetah stirkes again. LOL

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