Monday, December 17, 2007

OOAK Original!

So, i decided to use up some scraps and design these gift card, money holders and they just turned out darling. They are 6 x 6 inches and hold a gift card perfectly. I came up with the idea this fall when my Aunt graduated from college and had a gift card but no "card" and was rushed for time. I am NOT a card maker and began to panic. I did have these wonderful fall colored
papers and threw a little folder together and stamped on the front with flourishes, bling and stickles and it came out darling. I decided to "go" with the idea and create some just for my etsy friends at a great price.

Just imagine what people will say about your clever gift? Simply say what you want on the front, just like you would in a greeting card. So sentimental and thoughtful!

Each one comes individually wrapped in cello wrap all professional like.

Click the link to the right to go straight to etsy!

The girls are doing just fine... incase anyone wanted to know!


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