Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Noodle

I have been thinking a lot about this guy lately-my bro Chris. Christopher. Noodle. Ho Kim. Tootie. We call him "tootie" not for the obvious, but because he loved the Rootie Tootie Fresh and Fruity breakfast from Denny's when we grew up in FL. Yes, he has lots of nicknames. But, he is never allowed to call me Kelly, only "sis" will do. If he calls me by my name, i DO NOT respond. I worry about him and his job, health, marriage, faith, safety...lots of things. Now that he is married off and has a great job, i still worry.

Here is a recent photo of him and i at dinner, and I totally had to edit out the background objects... they were just too distracting.

I hope you are well kiddo, we love you, and are sending hugs from KY to FL :)

Here are some new things from the shop too...

Owls, Chandeliers, School Stuff... OH MY! I am overhauling the shop, and adding new items each week. My fingers cannot go as fast as my brain wants it to... my head is going to explode from all the totally rockin ideas in my head. So, if you are interested in freebies, register on the mailing list to the left! Lots of folks have signed up already!! Who doesn't want free crap? Well, not crap!!LOL.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful night and productive/or relaxing week. I am off to type my grandmother's medication list and return emails...


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kristina said...

Hey Kim! LOVE seeing a picture of you! Now I get to put a face with the name. :) So sweet of you to think of your brother like that. Hope you are doing well! E-mail me sometime and update me! Those new shop goodies are AWESOME! I am lovin' owls right now! Very cool! Hugs! :)