Thursday, August 14, 2008

Goodbye Andy

I have totally got to go to bed, it is 1:30 am here and I am getting up early...bright and shiny. I have to get my run in before we head off to Iowa to visit Andy as he prepares for his deployment to Iraq. I was wanting to get him something to remember us by... and then it hit me. I will send him a photo album that is flexible and easily shoved into his duffle bag. Something that doesn't scream...girly...

Andy is my husband's brother, who has truly turned his life around this past year and a half. He enlisted himself in the military and has surprised us all by his courage and determination to do good in the world. This is a complete 180 from his earlier years. He turned 21 this year in Korea, while serving, and he is still alive and assures the family he is not an alcoholic... LOL. I will see if that is true when I see him, for my nurse nose can sniff out just about any chemical dependency on the planet. LOL.

Here are some pics of the felt, mini album I made. It's not too girly is it? The guys won't totally laugh will they? I do have to lose the bow...It is filled with pics of the family, mini ones, for this little guy is only 5 x 5 inches in dimension.

TFL. Have a great weekend and I will return on Monday!
:) Kelly


kristina said...

LOVE it, Kelly! What a great gift! I don't think it's girly at all! I'm sure he's going to love it! Have a safe trip! Hugs!

Katherine said...

That is the coolest album! He will love it! If you are going to get rid of the bow, why not use a d-ring belt buckle? Or one of those plastic pinch buckles? (Like the ones for the baby seats in the shopping carts at the grocery store?) Just thoughts that jumped into my head as I looked at your wonderful album!
Have a great trip and hug that precious Defender of our Freedom for all of us!!!

Kelly said...

That is a great idea!!!! I wish I would have thought of that.... next time. I can't wait to do one for my daughter in those fun shades of pink for the cover and funky colored buttons on the outside.... and felt butterflies... yummy!!!