Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer is passing us by...

This summer is flying by... i think because i have so much on my plate lately that deadlines come pretty quick. My friend Shana and I decided to make the most of our beautiful Monday, and take the kids to Conrad Park and let them ride bikes. The weather was about 79ish degrees and breezy. We packed lunch and spend a few hours there for some totally FREE fun. That is what i am talkin' about...

Here is a pick of me and my kiddos, Lukey on the left and Lily on the right.

Lily was so stoked that she could finally ride her 2 wheeler, without training wheels! YIKES! Lukey kept riding into her to make her slow down, as he is 3 and simply cannot keep up with all the bigger kids. My team totally crashed that night... we fed 'em, bathed 'em, and took them out for milk shakes and tossed them into bed. For the best part of the Summer Olympics were about to start and B and I were not about to miss any of it. We are hooked!!

OHHH, check out these totally cool, Home Decor Rub Ons by DCWV. I finally finished painting my kitchen and added this to the top soffit. It was soooo easy and the pic doesn't do it justice. I am totally buying these for people who "just have everything" and you never know what to get them.

Well, now that the owl is finally back in the shop, in his rightful place... he is up for sale again.

Ready to give some sound advice on your pages! LOL. I also added some file folder tabs too. I wanted you to be able to journal on them if you wanted and cut them up if you wanted them smaller.

Have a great week, i am off to medicate my hip. Geez. The Columbus Marathon is coming up quick and training is brutal in the summer...


kristina said...

Great photo, Kelly! Your kiddos are so cute! Glad you are enjoying the last bit of Summer! Love the new goodies and that wall art is just SO pretty!! Love it!

emrwells said...

hey kelly!
love the cute photo of the kids. they are adorable! hope you are doing well. so proud of you for preparing for a marathon. you go girl! miss you lots!
love ya
*LOVE all of your creations. You Rock!

Cate said...

Love the Home Decor Rub Ons. I'm looking for one that says Ohana - happen to have seen one?