Monday, August 25, 2008

Doesn't my husband and his dad look totally retarded? These photos of my hubby and FIL, were taken in Iowa last weekend. I ran across these wigs in the closest of the spare room the kids were sleeping in, i brought them out and thought they would be fun for the kids to try on - get some laughs. I was later told that they were the wigs of my MIL's dead aunts... WTF?

Well, these jo's decided to try them on and be funny... I think Steve looks like Willie Nelson and Brent looks like a surfer with a bad batch of "sun in" hair lightener... They make totally UGLY girls....

What was that cheer?


You ain't got no alibi

You ugly! (uh,uh) You ugly!

I tried the wigs on the kids and it was hilarious. Lukey looked like a pretty girl, as he has this narrow face and small features. Lily wouldn't leave her's on long enough to tell. My son looked so much like me it is not even funny. Unfortunately, I could get him on camera either. I got it all up here baby (I point to my head).

I also started grad school up again tonight and was overwhelmed once or twice with the whole organic chemistry thing... I hope I can hang. I haven't had college classes in oh.... 13 + years. I am getting old.

Oh, almost forgot! The Paper Pixie is sponsoring a RAK over at The Art Is Found... go and check it out!

Have a great night!

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