Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Wish...

I do have one wish... I wish for a more cathartic blog. I sometimes sit and think about all these things I want to say. Things I want to complain about, people who make me mad, happenstances that just infuriate me. In the sake of blogdom, and getting people to come here and read, I have given the whole free world privy to my thoughts. So, with that having been said, i must stick to benign things, good, fun, cheery thoughts, that are very true... but sometimes not what I want to say.

I would love to have a blog, a separate one that no one knows about. One that is totally cathartic for me. One I can express my anger at friends, neighbors, co workers, etc. and not have to worry that they have, heaven forbid, read it.

A public diary of sorts.

I will say that I got a card from my dearest and best friend in the whole world today. Shana mama, i love you to pieces. Thanks for summing up our relationship in that card. I hope that our friendship, that has endured over the years, lasts forever. I loved it that i got a chance to see you a couple of months ago. I loved it how we can just pick up a conversation together. I really do love it that we have lost close loved ones and we are still the outsiders. Still makin it.

I miss you!!

I miss you too Chris, it was so good to talk to you last week. I can't wait until you come and stay this Christmas. I wish we had the basement finished so you could have a really cozy place to lay your head. Oh, and one you could totally trash and I wouldn't care.

Love to all I care about.


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