Monday, September 24, 2007

A Great Birthday...

Well, I was grumpy today, then it got better. I think once you get into your thirties, birthdays are just blah. I mean, i would totally rather skip mine. I almost forgot today was the day.

Early morning calls started coming in...

Here they are in order (i am blessed, i truly am to have people who love me)

8 am and 10 am - Andy from Korea (totally drunk on some Korean liquor)

12:30 pm - Brent (i called him frantic about my check card being missing, which wound up in his pocket)

3:30 pm - Cheryl

4:00 pm - Lisa

4:30 - Sandy in Seattle (singing on the answering machine)

5:30 - My mom (she too was singing on the machine)

5:45 - Cathy

7:30 - Connie (i am glad she called 'cause I want to take a trip to Archivers on Thurs!!!!)

9:30 - Steve and Karen

Holy crap that is 9 people who called me today. 9 people who love me and were thinking of me.

Then, Brent twisted my arm to go to Margarita's for dinner. "NO, i don't want to go". "get dressed" "Fine". It was great. My kids were as good as gold, which is AMAZING! Lukey actually finished his dinner and there was no hitting, crying, or trying to get out of the booth. Lovin' it.

I hope everyone else has a great birthday too, i sure did.

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