Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Creatures of Habit

Tonight was just another night, you know? Everything goes how it normally goes in the evening on my days off...

1. Arrive home from the gym or run
2. Eat dinner
3. Clean up
4. Showers
5. Milkshakes or ice cream... (bad habit)
6. TV time (luke and lily on brent's lap, me at the computer)
7. kids to bed
8. me at the computer with General Hospital in one ear and my I tunes in the other.
9. who knows when i will crawl into bed and start it over?

I love these times. I love the regimen and structure. I love the predictability.
I love knowing i don't have to work tomorrow.
I have so many other things to do.
I hope I get them done.
Nighty, night.

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