Monday, September 03, 2007

He Loves Me!

So, I was getting into the fall/halloween spirit this weekend, decorating and pulling out all my goodies. The kids were super into it too, and Lukey was watching me wrap the mantel in garland and lights.

Bright Orange Lights!!

I had the strands all lit up as I was wrapping them. His little eyes were so bright and inquisitive. Being a 2 year old, he is inquisitive all the time...

As he sat on step #5 and watched me, he said so very casually... "I love you".


He said it sort of like... deal with it.... i love you.

"Lukey, I love you too honey." This child melts me every time.

Dude I am lucky. So blessed and loved by my kids. Who knows when I will hear it again, that pure, innocent, wanting nothing in return... "i love you".

I am counting my blessings everyday. As the amber lights glow in the hall and they are tucked into their warm, comfortable beds, I realize how very special my life is.

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