Friday, September 28, 2007

A memorable summer!

As I prepare for the Potter's Ranch weekend coming up, i ran across some fun pics of this summer. Here in Northern Kentucky/Cinci area, we went months without a drop of rain. It proved to be one of the hottest ones on record.

As I am a total festival nut, some of these pics are taken of the kids waiting in line at various rides. Bless them, for they got sent to all the festivals just for the Knights of Columbus Donuts. I would run 10 miles every Sat. morning we went to a festival, just to pre-emptive strike those calories.

Check out the picture of Lukey going down the slide at the sack races. Thanks my dear Sarah for taking him and pushing him down. For he really wanted to go, and i couldn't bear to give him the final push.

Lily's darling lil face is so strikingly pretty as she sits at the church picnic, she had a total blast.

No pics of me, for i am always behind the camera.
Have a great weekend.

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