Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tea anyone?

So, I got this etsy convo from Kathy, about having some creamy tags and "make them with bees, crowns, fleur de lis and whatever". So this is what I came up with. So yummy and crisp the printing, I am proud of them. Thanks Kathy my girl!

I also received another fun item, another top knotch etsy purchase from my fellow etsyian Lisa Marie! I want to really do it justice, so I won't post it yet, I want to take a picture with it in use!

There is more fun, interactive stuff to happen in the shop.... I will give you a hint....

1. Rewards....

2. Nothing as seen on Etsy before...

3. Uber cheap shipping....

4. Sure to get you published!

So stay tuned to the shop. Shoot me a line if you get published using my products, there is a free gift in it for ya!

:) Kelly

P.S. Wish me luck my MIL comes in today from Seattle at 2.00 pm!! EEKK


Edleen said...

Hi Kelly! i'm Edleen from Singapore. came across your blog and Wow! loving your items on Etsy! adorable!!!

have a fun day!

tams said...

Hi there!
I just found you too, your stuff is fantastic. Love love all of your labels.
and your a runner! great. mee too. I was just busting up laughing about your previous post running sprints. ha. so funny and so true.