Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ok guys, thanks for waiting patiently for this one! We just got back from the Columbus Marathon, and the weather was wonderful. We have been so busy with training and me with grad school that the giveaway got pushed waaaaay back. So, here goes!

What is your favorite fall memory? Simply reply to this question in the comments and let me know a way I can get back to you... leave your email addie if your blogger account is private... etc.

I will be giving away these fall flourishes from the shop! These colors are coordinated perfectly with these and these. So head on over to the shop today and stock up!! Shipping is LOW flat rate and not to be beaten on etsy!!

The drawing will be held on OCTOBER 31st!!

So, my favorite memory is running the Thanksgiving Day Race in the morning and then going back to the house to catch a nap... if I am not cooking the bird, LOL. If I am hosting the dinner at my house, then I love cooking and getting the house ready for my family. I love running that race, because it totally bites getting up that early and running in the cold... but you know when you are done all your calories are FREE!!!! Turkey and mashed potatoes get you across the finish line.

Come on... what's yours??

Hey Sarah!! I can't wait to run the race with you... it has been too long girlie... train hard and we'll have a blast!


rndo64 said...

My favorite fall memeory is when me and my dad were raking leaves together, with me holding the bag as he fills it, and then together planting bulbs in the garden; then going inside for warm tea and cookies. It makes me smile just thinking about our tradition, and how much we laughed and shared and talked those few hours together while my mom stayed inside. Great dad and daughter time!

Kelly said...

Love that Rosa, tfs!

Lynn said...

My favorite fall memory is going to football games on Saturday afternoons; win or lose it was a lot of fun!

kaysibley said...

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and as a little girl I always knew fall and Halloween was coming soon because of a life size skeleton decoration my Mom would put on our front door. It was the kind of skeleton decor that was jointed at the arms and legs. I was always so excited when my mom would let me move the arms and legs in whatever position I liked before she taped it to our front door. She used this same skeleton year after year for many many years!