Monday, October 15, 2007

I forgot...

I totally forgot... to bless the documents. I handed them over today and without a prayer for the outcome. I hope that all my hard efforts pay off and the reward will come my way. I put all 6 in pink folders, and handed them over to the smiling woman. "PDRP?" she said. "Drum Roll Please", I replied.

I am so glad it is over. I need to pop open a can of bubbly, for real. Thank God my wonderful neighbor handed me 3 mini bottles this weekend.

Special thanks to... Cathy, Michael, Vivian, Patty, Deb, Lynn, Vivian, & Kim for helping me and encouraging me. What wonderful people each of you are, and I hope to repay you someday.

Nite all. I shall go and bless the documents, post hoc.

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