Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting Caught Up... with life

Up until recently i was sooooo far behind in the realm of scrappin' for my kiddos.
I was able to go on a lovely retreat to the secluded "Potter's Ranch" with Connie and we had a ball. We met up with some really nice ladies who enjoyed the same hobby. As it seemed we totally brought all we owned in the way of supplies and were still careening behind us to ask a "neighbor" for a loan of theirs. LOL.

The leaves on the above layout were a total "sizzix borrow" from the girl next door (table to the right) and I dearly thank her.

1. Shop from home.
2. Get as many photos on the page as I can.
3. Get as many layouts done as I can.
4. Hand journal on each.

I bammed out 8 layouts! I am so proud of myself for getting them done.

Thanks for looking!

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