Monday, May 11, 2009

Ridden Hard and Put Up Wet

Haven't we all heard this saying? Or is it just the nurses out there? But, I gotta tell you that is how I feel. This semester has been draining, almost overwhelming at times and has in it's own way, worn me OUT. For now, I can graze peacefully at home allowing home "work" and not homework to come to the forefront again. It is pretty bad when your afternoon jog consists of brainstorming how you are going to write the last page of your thesis where you thank everyone that has helped you along the way.... Thoughts like, "thanks to my hubby who always 'leaves the light on for me' when I come home late from some school related thingy. And other thoughts like... ooohhhh you will just have to read it for yourself when I am done! LOL.

Now, for all you Paper Pixie fans out there... stay tuned to the shop for more items are on the way.... i never lie about that!! I also plan to do some more scrapping this summer for the kids and get my layouts out there. It has been a while since I was published and I like that kids seeing their faces on layouts in print... I ran into some of those old issues today while I was cleaning.

Wish us luck as we redecorate Lily's room this weekend. My fingers are a mess from stripping border paper off her wall... NEVER AGAIN!!

I hope all is well with everyone out there and so sorry I haven't blogged in so long!



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