Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Breakdown

I can see the headlines now..."Marathon Training Brings Working Mom To Her Knees".

What a long day. I worked 14 hours and then went to the gym to pound for a few miles to keep on track with the training pace. With my ankles tad swollen, a fever and cotton mouth, I slowly walked in the door to the house...

"mommy's home!!" "guess what we got?"

"what?" I asked.

"we found cake!"

"what do you mean you found... cake?"

"you know! the one from the birthday party!"

As I turned around looking for this mystery cake, there it was, on the counter... beautiful. It was a 1/4 sheet pink iced, birthday cake we froze 2 months ago. But would it still be edible?

I took no time in finding out. I threw down the bags and enjoyed a huge slice of calories and fat, and swallowed down a diet coke.

That is how my night has gone.

Excuse me whilest I go and take a Zantac.

Night all.

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