Thursday, March 08, 2007

So, this is me and my bro Christopher last year at my mom's wedding. Shall I say, I am so proud of him? Yes. I will.

He graduated from FSU last year and is now working for the Tallahassee Capitol and the Governor in an IT firm. I remember him when he was little, so fast on the keyboard, a whiz he was and still is. He is getting married this year to a darling girl, "fellow RN", she's in. It's cool. If you are reading this, know I love you and am thinking about you and the 9th still hurts even after all this time. You look so much like him, we are blessed beyond words.


Your wedding then Disney bound baby.

Remember these movies??...

a."That's Ho Kim to you, Mutha F....."

b."and den????"

c."yours says Dude and yours says sweet" "you two are stupid"

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Michelle C said...

Hey Kelly...
Thanks for the link to your blog!! It looks GREAT. You look amazing BTW in the pic with your {AHEM} hot bro!!! ;) {blushing} to you later!